The First Lady of Chinese Haute Couture: Guo Pei, Rose Studio

Designer Bio

  • Guo Pei 郭培
  • Born in 1967
  • Based in Beijing
  • Prior to starting her own label Rose Studios (玫瑰坊), was the highly successful leading designer of a number of Chinese prêt-à-porter fashion houses
  • Favourite designer is Issey Miyake
  • Follow Guo Pei on Weibo: and Sina Blog:


Brand History

  • Established in 1996
  • Has more than 300 employees
  • Atelier occupies more than 3,000 square metres
  • One of the most favoured brands for A-list Chinese female celebrities, including Zhang Ziyi and Fan Bing Bing
  • Design house of choice for 10 years for female hosts and performers of China’s biggest annual television event, the CCTV Chinese New Year Eve Gala (akin to the UK Royal Variety Performance)
  • Key designer for the 2008 Olympic Games


(Here is Guo Pei fitting the models with one of her designs at the Olympic Games – the design is simple yet fresh)

Style Dissection

  • Opulent, theatrical, imposing, regal and larger than life
  • Unmistakeably oriental in design inspiration
  • Lady Gaga meets Empress Dowager Cixi

Key Works

  • Key piece from the porcelain dress collection, exhibited 2013 (This collection exemplifies the core aesthetic of the label, in that the designs draw heavily from traditional art but at the same time deftly employ ultra modern techniques and shapes to create a unique and striking look.)


  • Story of the dragon, 2012 (This dress simply astounds with its aura and presence.)


  • 1002 Nights Collection, 2009 (This outfit which closed the show is so incredibly majestic and would have swallowed up any lesser beings other than the magnificent 78 year old supermodel Carmen Dell’orefice)


  • CCTV Chinese New Year Eve Gala, 2008, Zhang Ziyi performing The Fairy Scattering Flowers (This would be many little girl’s ultimate pink and fluffy dream dress.)


For even more goodies, visit Rose Studio’s website at:




Disclaimer: I do not own the copyright in these images and have used them for review and criticism purposes only. Please leave a message if you think the use of any image has violated your rights and the image will be promptly removed.


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